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CrossFit UXO is a diverse community of athletes taking an initiative in their own health. We are a family committed to you. We are dedicated to helping you become who you want to be.

At CrossFit UXO you will learn the fundamental movements that are elements of both CrossFit and physical fitness. These movements are incorporated into workouts that are constantly varied and performed at your own intensity level.


Break out of the Normal Routine

We provide an alternative to the typical gym workout. We trade-in single joint movements on machines for exercises that utilize bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells and many other strength and conditioning exercises that are proven to be effective, safe, and useful. The workouts are constantly varied and changing which helps to keep your body responding to the workouts and keeps the sessions from becoming static or boring.


Our training team is highly educated on the movements and exercises that are performed in each training session. We are constantly up-skilling and reeducating to maintain the highest possible standards for our members. With this in mind you can feel comfortable that you are getting the best knowledge and comprehensive workout available


"I've experienced and achieved personal goals being a member of UXO that has made me realize my potential. The community created by the staff and members is a welcoming environment that both, push and inspire me day in and day out. " Ruby Taday
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