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UXO Fitness

CrossFit Training Without The Barbell


Every workout at CrossFit UXO has 2 options, a workout that follows the methods of CrossFit as well as a workout that is more fitness based. Even though every CrossFit workout can be scaled for all ability levels and needs, we found that we had members who still did not feel comfortable performing some of the barbell movements and had different personal goals in mind. That is why we developed UXO Fitness. UXO Fitness is not a separate class, it is a part of every class and members have the choice to pick the CrossFit workout or the Fitness workout for that day. UXO Fitness workouts do not include barbells and focus on the cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance domains.



Expect to perform basic, multi-joint strength exercises which are compound movements with high energy demand. Expect to use dumbbells, kettlebells and body weight for exercises like push ups, burpees, lunges, thrusters and many, many more.




Every facet of strength and conditioning is improved, so the benefits of UXO Fitness are endless. You will notice increased strength and cardiovascular endurance, power, speed, and metabolism. This equals stronger muscles, less body fat, increased power and endurance and better health!















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